Studia Humanistyczno-Społeczne, t. 10


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”Studia Humanistyczno-Społeczne”, t. 10, red. W. Saletra, R. Kubicki, 2015, 212 s., format B5, ISSN 2081-2493

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  • R. Kubicki, W. Saletra, Introduction, s. 9
  • R. Kubicki, W. Saletra, Wprowadzenie, s. 11


  • M. Florek, Horn and Bone Arrowheads from Sandomierz. Contribution to the Study of Mongol-Ruthenian Raids on Sandomierz Region in the Middle Ages, s. 15
  • M. Nowak, Public Controversies over Zygmunt Wielopolski’s Voluntary Service in the Tsarist Army (1849-1855) during the Congress Kingdom of Poland, s. 27
  • A. Morąg, Zofia Nałkowska and Liberals of Kielce, s. 47
  • M. Jedynak, Fulfilling „The Testament of the Polish Underground State” by the Members of the Community of the Home Army Świętokrzyskie Partisan Groups „Ponury”and „Nurt”, s. 61
  • P. Swacha, Model of Athletes’ Political Commitment in „Przegląd Sportowy” (1948-1956), s. 75


  • R. Kubicki, Man from Kielce. Academic and Political Activity of Wojciech Saletra, s. 97
  • L. Rajca, Searching for Local Model of Electoral System, s. 117
  • J. Grzela, The UK Policy towards the High North at the Background of Transformations and Growing International Interest in the Region, s. 131
  • R. S. Czarny, Public Diplomacy and Its Current Practice, s. 143


  • M. Kijewski, Analysis of the Labour Market in the City of Kielce in Q3 and Q4 2014 on the Basis of Job Offers Posted on the Website of the Municipal Labour Office in Kielce, s. 161


  • P. Kardyś, Inventory of the Old Prints from the Library of Basilica Minor of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Wiślica, s. 183


  • P. Brzegowy, Robert Aldrich, John Connell, France’s Overseas Frontier Departements et territoires d’outre-mer, Cambridge University Press, 2006, pp. 368, s. 207

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