„Token: A Journal of English Linguistics”, V. 13

ISSN 2719-4418/13

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„Token: A Journal of English Linguistics”, V. 13, edit. by John G. Newman, Marina Dossena, Sylwester Łodej, 2021, 250 s., format B5

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Isabel de la Cruz-Cabanillas and Irene Diego-Rodríguez, The Capsula eburnea in several Middle English witnesses                    5


Julia Landmann, The representation of the concept of flirtation and coquetry in English: An analysis based on the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary           27


Angela Andreani and Daniel Russo, A database of early modern first citations from the OED: Religious and geographical terminology             47


John Corbett & Li Li, Corpus stylistics, classic children’s literature and the lexical field of laughter                       73


Mario Vassallo and Lydia Sciriha, English or Maltese? Language use among university students on social media platforms                     101


Davide Passa “Santa mozzarella!”: The construction of Italianness in Luca (Disney and Pixar, 2021)                    119


Nataliia Kravchenko, Olga Valigura, Vira Meleshchenko and Liudmyla Chernii, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” or half a century of IT consumer identity formation: A pragmatics approach             141


Anna Bąk-Średnicka, A Corpus-driven Conversation Analysis Approach to Mentor-Mentee Interactions in a Practicum Context                        171


Isabella Martini, When possible does not always mean “possible”: Evaluative patterns of newsworthiness in letters to the editor             199


Łukasz Stolarski, Comparison of key statistical instruments used in lexicon-based tools for sentiment analysis in the English language                  219

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