Token 2/2013


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„Token: A Journal of English Linguistics”, V. 2, red. John G. Newman, Sylwester Łodej, 2013, 288 s., format B5, ISSN 2299-5900

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Spis treści

  • CHRIS C. PALMER, Historical sociolinguistic approaches to derivational morphology: A study of speaker gender and nominal suffixes in Early Modern English, s. 5
  • BRIAN LOWREY, The Old English causative verb hatan and its demise, s. 23
  • STEFANIA MACI, Popularising scientific discourse for an academic audience: The case of Nobel lectures, s. 45
  • EWA CISZEK-KILISZEWSKA, Middle English preposition and adverb twix, s. 75
  • LAURA ESTEBAN-SEGURA, A diachronic study of the prepositions among and amongst, s. 93
  • PATRICE LARROQUE, The representation of modality in non-standard English, s. 109
  • MAGDALENA MURAWSKA, A multitude of voices and worlds: Towards a new model of the medical case report, s. 125
  • MASATOSHI KONNO, Inverted reporting verbs in the sentence-initial position in English: Focus on phrasal verbs, s. 149
  • TAKASHI HAMADA, Evaluative meaning of negative expression: Asymmetry between readable and unreadable, s. 169
  • GORDANA DIMKOVIĆ-TELEBAKOVIĆ, The semantics and pragmatics of motion verbs in air traffic English and general English, s. 183
  • ALEXANDRA UZOAKU ESIMAJE, Patterns of lexical collocation in sermonic texts, s. 207
  • MAYUKO YONEDA, Analogically-driven strong and weak verb transformations in the history of English: The role of synonyms, s. 223
  • ŁUKASZ STOLARSKI, Style-shifting as a function of multiple factors: A corpus based study, s. 245
  • SHALA BARCZEWSKA, The 1925 Scopes Trial as a discursive event: Does reference to the 1925 trial affect our view of teachers in the contemporary debate over evolution?, s. 265

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