Token 6/2017


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„Token: A Journal of English Linguistics”, V. 6, red. John G. Newman, Marina Dossena,  Sylwester Łodej, 2017, 248 s., format B5, ISSN 2299-5900

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Minna Nevala and Matylda Włodarczyk: Exploring social identities in public texts, s.5

Hanna Limatius: “There really is nothing like pouring your heart out to a fellow fat chick”: Constructing a body positive blogger identity in plus‑size fashion blogs, s.23

Tony McEnery and Helen Baker: The poor in seventeenth-century England: A corpus based analysis, s.51

Anni Sairio: Dialogues of the dead: Social identity in eighteenth-century anonymous satire, s. 85

Daniela Cesiri: ‘Haha, what a twit I am’. The construction of a social identity in the comments sections of UK food blogs, s.109

Matylda Włodarczyk: Social identities in an institutional network:  Colonial Office correspondence on the Cape Colony  in the early nineteenth century, s. 133

Minna Palander-Collin and Ina Liukkonen:  Constructing the defendant role in the trial proceedings of   the Old Bailey: Guilty or not guilty, s.173

Isabel Ermida“Get the snip – and a job!” Disagreement, impoliteness and conflicting identities on the Internet, s. 205

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