„Token: A Journal of English Linguistics”, V. 12


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„Token: A Journal of English Linguistics”, V. 12, Special issue on discursive identities in historical English texts, edit. by John G. Newman, Marina Dossena, Sylwester Łodej, Guest Editors for volume 12 Christina Samson, 2021, 232 s., format B5

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Christina Samson and Birte Bös, Introduction                  5

Gabriella Del Lungo Camiciotti, The construction of women’s Quaker identity. A case study: Margaret Fell                      15

Christina Samson, Discovering colonial India: The construal of discursive social identities in women’s travel writings                37

Polina Shvanyukova, Constructing a socially acceptable female identity: The case of nineteenth-century advice manuals for women                     59

Elisabetta Cecconi, From “British Subjects” to “American People”: Transformation of national identities in a corpus of American newspapers (1764-1783)               85

Isabella Martini, A denial of identity. The Armenian genocide in the letters to the editor of The Times 1914-1926                      115

Roberta Facchinetti, The building of English language identity through dictionaries and grammar books: Two case studies                     137

Marina Dossena, From The Magnificent Seven to The Hateful Eight: Labels, lyrics and (group) identity construction in Western movie songs                 155

Letizia Vezzosi, Pronouns in Dickinson’s poetry as a means of constructing a poetic  self       183

Francesca Ditifeci and Ilde E. D. Kantzas, Lost identity in the Bible              209

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