„Token: A Journal of English Linguistics”, V. 9


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„Token: A Journal of English Linguistics”, V. 9, edit. by John G. Newman, Marina Dossena, Sylwester Łodej,   Guest editors for v. 9, Marina Bondi, Franca Poppi,  2019

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Marina Bondi and Franca Poppi, Introduction           5

Giuliana Diani, Metadiscourse in web-mediated health communication                    13


Cecilia Lazzeretti and Franca Poppi, Children with autism or autistic children? Indexicality in the websites for parents of children with neurological conditions               35


Annalisa Sezzi and Marina Bondi, “I am going on a ketogenic diet”. Communicating dietary requirements for pediatric patients                59


Silvia Cavalieri, Maddalena Marchiò, Marina Bondi, Giuseppe Biagini, Assessing caregiver informative materials on the ketogenic diet in Italy: A textual ethnographic approach                        87


Stefania M. Maci, Parents’ narrative about congenital heart diseases: Acquiring knowledge and sharing empathy               119


Magdalena Zabielska and Magda Żelazowska-Sobczyk, Hearing aids and cochlear implants – A study of the discourse of patients’ English ENT online support forums                   143


Gillian Mansfield, The dynamics of popularised discourse for diabetics: Online forums for information and emotional support          167

Elisa Mattiello, Figuration and obesity: Warning bells from TheGuardian.com                 197


Judith Turnbull, Online health information for the elderly               229

Winnie Cheng, A study of closings in nurse-elderly resident consultations at a mobile integrative health centre           253

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