Discourse Linguistics and Beyond, vol. 5, Types of Discourse via Applied Research


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Irina Oukhvanova &Joanna Senderska (edit.), Discourse Linguistics and Beyond, vol. 5, Types of Discourse via Applied Research, 2019

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Table of Contents

Preface to Volume 5                                                                                                   7

Round Table 1. Online Discourse: Representation of Institutional and Discourse Community Practices

Mediator’s Introductory Words – Joanna Senderska, Alena Savich                             15

Tereza Klabíková Rábová, Soňa Schneiderová, Ladislav Janovec – Czech Corporate Website Discourse at the Beginning of the 21st Century: Methodological Perspective                                                           17

Alena Savich – Online Lobbying Campaigns. New Media – New Discourse?                    42

Lioudmila Kourchak – Online Employment Discourse as a Research Object                 58

Michał Robak – Discourse of Mediators of a Vegan E-Community
(a Polish case study)                                                                                                     71

Concluding Notes on Round Table 1                                                                                        88

Round Table 2. Political, Public and Media Types of Discourse: Applied Theory and Research

Mediators’ Introductory Words – Ekaterina Vasilenko and Irina Oukhvanova       93

Ekaterina Vasilenko – Gender-Biased Hate Speech Functioning in Media: Factor-Production Specifics (a Belarusian case study)                                                                                                                                        95

Magdalena Hądzlik-Białek – Hate Speech and Swearing in Contemporary Society (a Polish case study)                        105

Tatiana Krasnova – Russian History-Rooted Probolshevist Discourse: Multitheoretical and Applied Perspectives          117

Tereza Klabíková Rábová – Media Discourse of the EU Council Presidency (a Francophone research perspective)       132

Vera Ustinovich– Preamble as a Spoken Discourse Unit: Analysing TV and Radio Debate Content Applying M.-A. Morel & L. Danon-Boileau’s Approach (a French case study)                                            147

Patrycja Kubicha – Persuasion in Political Discourse: Election Manifesto of the UK Conservative Party                           158

Concluding Notes on Round Table 2                                                                                      167

Round Table 3. Professional Discourse as an Object of Applied Research Discussion

Mediator’s Introductory Words – Yuliya Bekreyeva                                                       171

Tatyana Chernyshova, Evgeniya Klink – Applied Philology and Linguistic Expertise: Practical Steps to Extending Discipline Borders                                                                                                                        173

Katarzyna Oberda – Family Mediation as a Special Type of Discourse: Structural Categories and Their Representation                                                                                                                                            185

Soňa Schneiderová – Czech Academic Style in the Context of European and Anglophone Writing                                     196

Concluding Notes on Round Table 3                                                                                      208

Post-Editorial Comments                                                                                    211

Volume Contributors                                                                                           213

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